= No More Dead Flashlights!

Our Proprietary Battery Saving Technology

Patent Pending

The Dependable Flashlight
When You Need It Most!

If you’ve ever grabbed an emergency flashlight to find it dim or dead, this solution is for you. No more dead, corroded, or exploded batteries with this new technology.

Dependalite does what no other flashlight can do. It uses exclusive battery-saving technology that stops the batteries from slowly draining while they sit in your flashlight.

Patent Pending

Kickstarter campaign coming this Fall

Dependalite Features

  • Dependalite uses standard AA batteries—no special batteries to buy
  • It has the newest LED lighting element for an extremely long life and it’s 180 lumens bright
  • Dependalite is made of tough ABS-polycarbonate so it’s lightweight and ideal for home use
  • 7.5” long x1.75” wide x 0.75” deep
  • Patent Pending

Save Batteries.
Save Money.
Help Save The World.

It’s environmentally friendly, saving you money on batteries while
putting fewer dead and corroded batteries in landfills!
(And ruined flashlights too!)